Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Zone...

Do you ever have a convergence of time and space?  All of a sudden, the music on stereo is perfect, your chair is perfect (now that you added that great massage cushion!), the ideas are flowing in your head.  You look at the clock and it is a little after 10pm and you think, "I gotta go to bed soon."

You feel your eyes brighten just a bit and your alertness quotient goes up by a thousand.  Those things hanging from your trunk all of a sudden feel weightless instead of the 40-lb logs you've been dragging.  You notice that your shoulders are relaxed and not at ear level and your often curled over back has miraculously straightened out as you sit listening to perfect music in a perfect chair with perfect posture.

That's it  -- you are in The Zone!  You've got your second wind (or third wind if you are like me).  That convergence of time and space transcends exhaustion.  Your endorphins are jumping up and down like you've just completed a marathon.  You finish one project, desing another project, finish a third.

The rings I showed you on Monday were a product of this particular walk in the Zone.  I also designed and created all 20 of my swaps for our L-Inked Ladies unit meeting last Sunday and I sketched out a couple of designs for the Crafty Girls September meetings.  Now if I could only get in the Zone when it comes to cleaning.

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  1. I've heard this called "flow." Especially in relation to creativity.
    Or mania... ;-)


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