Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Power Tools?

I admit it readily and loudly -- I LOVE POWER TOOLS!  They are an extension to my ink, brushes, pencils.  They help me realize some of my creative notions stored in my brain.  I want to use them everyday!  One day (soon hopefully) I want to learn how to weld.  I want to use materials in an unexpected way and create beauty from aluminum turkey roaster pans or a birdbath from two satalite dishes sitting in my backyard.  OK, the birdbath hasn't happened yet because I really need to learn how to weld!

This week my group of super creative colleagues in the L-Inked Ladies team (Mandy Grant, SupaStar is the leader) is getting ready for our annual Gifts Galore day on Saturday, October 1.  The projects that we are doing are amazing and fun.  The best thing for me is I get to use one of my favorite power tools to "distress" one of our materials. If you have ever walked through Home Depot and wondered what on earth someone would use a Dremel for, think no further.

I use my Dremel all the time on a myriad of things.  Here is my Dremel list --

1)  clean under my nails in between going for my manicure.  Ok so this is a strange one but anyone who has ever had anything to do with acrylic nails knows that the machine the manicurists use are cousins to our home Dremel kits.  They are a bit more "souped up" and work off a mini engine instead of rechargable batteries.

2)  Make new things look old -- sometimes shiny and new is not the look you are going for.  In prep for Gifts Galore, I distressed about 47 cookie sheets using my nifty little tool! 

3)  Precise Sanding -- I have this idea in my head for a mixed media piece but I wanted to cut some shapes out of the board I was using.  I have another cool tool that I'll highlight in another story but it was leaving my shapes very sharp and almost splintery.  The Dremel smoothed it right off.

4)  Cuts nail heads -- depending on which version you have, you can used the reinforced blades to cut nail heads and other protruding metals. 

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  1. I confess. I don't love power tools. I am afraid of them. There. Now it is out there. My shame is public.


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