Friday, October 29, 2010

Sittin' Pretty

Sometimes everything comes together, the gods are in line and you get a great picture.  A high-pitched voice and the reward of "Num Nums" enabled me to snap this pic

This is typical every breakfast and every dinner time.

1)  Behind the Line

2)  Maybe a little growl to make everyone sit

3) Maybe a little tut tut to stop the moving around

4) Dog dishes go down

5) All Done!

6) Izzie comes closer to her bowl and sits down and waits again for me to release her.

7) All done!!!!

Everyone is happy...all is well with the world!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update on My Journey as an Artist

 You can tell when my weekends are so full because I don't have time to sit down and write some stories for The Crafty Girl Project!  This past weekend, I took an Acrylic Paint Workshop.  I learned SO much and Kay Powell, our instructor, was great!  To say she's a hoot is an understatement!  She teaches with tough love, i.e. slaps your face while she's hugging you!

I have a terrible problem, according to Kay.  I'm an over-blender! Acrylics can be a very forgiving don't like the way something looks, dry it and paint over -- it will not muddy the colors.  We started with learning how to mix colors.  You really only need five tubes of paint: black, white, red, blue and yellow.  All shades come from those primary colors (red, blue and yellow).  Of course, mixing can be fun but time consuming and I am a fan of premixed colors!

This piece of the shadow of the bike rider on a path in Tuscan was the last thing I painted in the workshop.  Yes, I really did paint it.  It was my interpretation of a piece that Kay had already painted.  I love the perspective in this piece that add to the dimension of the scene. 

But before we got to this, we started out with some basic forms...pears to be exact.  Kay said that she loved painting pears because they were so sensual.  Sexy pears?  I remember a girlfriend my younger brother had that we nicknamed "The Pear" and not because she was had more to do with her tiny waist and her humongous badonkadonk!  Children can be so cruel -- ok so I was officially an adult.

Kay wanted us to paint first in only black and white. Kay, by the way, loved this little pear's butt crack! We are using a canvas pad that we have cut into 1/4s and only titanium white and mars black and whatever we can mix between the two.  Did you know that if you didn't have any black, mix the red, yellow and blue together for black?  Lucky for me I didn't forget my black.

Next we graduated into colored fruit.  Somehow my mostly green pear turned into an avocado so I'm just telling everyone that it is an avocado!  I do really like how I did the background and how the colors compliment each other.  What do you think?

Then she wanted us to think about composition and paint three pears using only the leftover paints that we had on our palettes.  It was the end of the day and she didn't want us to waste any paint!  Paint is expensive and I truly appreciate any cost cutting savings.  For this piece, she handed us all pieces of matting to paint on.  With acrylics, you really can paint on just about anything but if you are are fine art painting, you don't want to use craft acrylics.

Anyone want to buy a painting?

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Name Is Kasey...and I'm a Gadget-a-holic

I don't want to spend money, really I don't.  But when the newest gadget is available I have this compelling need to own it!  So, a special from the Home Shopping Network and four flex pays means I have being shipped to me the latest item from Provo Crafts -- the Cricut Imagine.

Want to read up on the Cricut Imagine?

This is a combo Cricut cutter and HP printer so I can hardly wait to play and create.  There are cartridges specifically for the Imagine but you can also use your existing Cricut cartridges.  I'd love to figure out how to integrate my own drawings and design and have this machine cut out but I guess that will be part two of the journey.

In the meantime, anyone want to buy a Cricut Expression for cheap?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Architectural Elements

Art Is Everywhere - Charleston 2010
Don't Feed the Lions -- Charleston 2010
I fancy myself an "art" photographer.  I go to places and I'm not clamoring to get the posed picture in front of the museum or even the picture of the interesting display in the museum.  I see the world in elements -- almost mosaic like.  A lot of my pictures people don't "get" -- "What's it supposed to be?" or "What do you do with that?" are common questions I hear. I use it as a screensaver on my computer or print and mat it in a frame.  One day, I will try to layer it into a painting.  I see the possibilities as endless.

Infinity -- Charleston 2010
Angles - Charleston 2010
Black on Blue -- Charleston 2010
Magic - Charleston 2010
Friend Good -- Charleston 2010
Texture of the South -- Charleston 2010
For me, I want to really see the city I'm visiting.  I take pictures of strangers and random things.  Sometimes unflattering pictures according to the subjects.  I'm obsessed with faces and not just faces as a whole but the parts that make them up.  I love my friend Cindy's profile but she feels that the pictures are unflattering (which is why they aren't here!) but I think they are beautiful -- well that she is beautiful!

I love nooks and crannies...and I'm not talking about an English muffin!  I seek out the textures.

Enjoy mini tour of Charleston through my lens!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wow!! 20% off Holiday Bundles

Do you want to give Holiday Cards with impact? How about a homemade gift? Now Stampin' Up is making it easier and more affordable for you by packaging bundles! Click on the image above to get the details.

If you book a workshop with me between October 25 and November 22 and have $150 in orders before the workshop, you can pick a bundle of your choice for FREE!!! YES!!! FOR FREE! ANY BUNDLE!!!  This could be up to a $39.88 value depending on your choice of bundle.

I only have limited time slots available:

Monday, October 25 -- evening
Thursday, October 29 -- evening
Friday, October 30 -- evening
Wednesday, November 3 -- evening
Saturday. November 6 -- any time
Wednesday, November 10 -- evening
Friday, November 12 -- evening
Monday, November 22 -- evening

Please give me a call if you need to schedule daytime or a date not listed and we can try to work that out. 

How fun is Decorative Vinyl???

#120909 in the Stampin' Up! Holiday Mini
I like to be Martha Stewart - like.  I don't want to be Martha, nor do I want to be so uptight and "matchy matchy" in my decorating and tablescapes.  But I like my decor choices to have impact!  But most of all, it can't be hard - cuz then I'm out.

The other day I was in a craft store (I wonder if Joann and Michael ever got together???? and had little hobby lobbies...) and saw this fall-theme colored platters on sale for $4.00 so I bought two.  They had a little purple and orange border but nothing else going on.  Lucky for me, in our Stampin' Up Holiday Mini catalog, we have a set of vinyl decor elements for Halloween that can dress up a glass vase, a wall, or even a platter. 

For $14.95 I used the large Happy Halloween sign on one of the platters, the Raven and the Trick or Treat sentiment on the other platter, all the bats and the Oct. 31 piec on a glass vase and I have the three spiders leftover that I will put on my storm door.  And it is easy to apply!  Just peel off the backing, place where you want it and use a scraper (or a bone folder or I used the handle of my scissors) to rub and make sure it is down on the surface.  Then you peel of the other piece of backing and Poof!  Wallah you have great looking pieces like these:

With Decor Vinyl, you can hand wash no problem...I even have had some people dishwasher their pieces with no adverse affect to the vinyl however I can't guarantee that will work for everyone's dishwasher!

All the pieces are already cut so there's no "craft knife" work you have to do.  It really is just peel and stick.  When you get a collection of pieces like this, you have so many options available to you.  Imagine these pieces on a mirror or the smaller images on a coffee mug with some Halloween candy in it for a quick gift.  I can't wait to show you the cocoa gift set I'm making up with some vinyl decor elements for Christmas!

If you haven't had the chance to look at a Stampin' Up! Holiday Mini, send me an email or comment on this entry and I'll drop one in the mail to you (or by your house).  It's easy to get decked out for the holidays...and feel like you are a creative genius!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jack of all Trades; Master of Nothing

Dear Crafty Girls and Guys...

First, my apologies for my three week absence.  To say things are crazy in my life is like calling the Pope Catholic!  This morning I've been waxing poetic (I lay in bed from about 4:15 am - 5:30 am trying to will myself back to sleep.  Instead I started thinking about The Crafty Girl Project and this blog.

I'm not sure I'm that interesting, personally, but I think I have some interesting posts.  The Crafty Girl Project has been a great outlet for me to experiment with different things and sometimes pontificate on a non-crafty, non-artsy fartsy subject.  You've heard the saying before, "Jack of all trades; master of nothing."  That's my biggest fear.  I want to be a master at something creative.  I want to pick up a pencil and be able to draw what I see.  I want to create art that not only interests me but draws in other people.  I want people to read my stories or blog entries or poems and wonder what I meant by using a certain analogy or vividly see the scene I'm describing.

Waiting and Hoping -- Kasey Litt 2010
There's one thing that is stopping me from being a master...ok, there are several things that are stopping me from being a master!  But the one thing, the primary reason is I don't dedicate the time.  I've only been diagnosed ADHD at age 45 but believe me when I say I've been this way all my life.  Do I have the discipline to practice over and over and over again until I see improvement in my performance?

I think I can (says the little choo choo!).  With drawing, I can see improvements as I create and then recreate things.  Here is a shot of a pencil drawing I'm doing of Izzie.  It is incomplete but I showed it to my lovely Bookclub Ladies last night to see what they thought but also to feel the glow of their appreciation of my work.  The one thing I can count on from Bookclub Ladies is their unfailing support of any and all projects I am working on! They are still waiting for me to complete a novel (I have shared excerpts from things in progress).

This weekend, I am taking a two day workshop on Acrylic Paints.  What a coinkydink that my next project for 2D design is an Acrylic still life.   I have a feeling that this "art thing" is the place I'm supposed to be and the area I'm supposed to be mastering.  I hope I didn't wait too long to get here!

PS - for those of you who don't already know this, last Monday I dropped my Drawing 1 class.  I talked with my professor and he was concerned I would not pass the class because of my average home work assignments/projects and my absences I've had because of work.  It was the last day to be able to drop with receiving a WF (no I didn't say WTF which is what I would have said if I received a Withdraw/Failure!).  So where does leave me and my portfolio?  I will continue to draw and to hone my skills and as I do so, I will be selecting drawings that might work for my portfolio.  However, I came to the decision before I dropped this Drawing 1 class that I was going to retake the class next semester and turn my portfolio in for the Spring deadline.  I still have two Gen'l Ed classes I need -- Economics and World History so I'm not really off track!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Rah Rah Ree!

Who doesn't love a pitbull in uniform? My "Bizzie Bee" grew up wearing a snuggie (a small -- the same size as Sophie my Jackahuahua!), t-shirts and her own puppy hoodie. Now, she wears an XXL to accomodate for her muscular build!

So many people look at Izzie and decide that she's a boxer mix or something other than a Pit Bull. Technically she is an American Pit Bull Terrier and comes from a long line of champions. Not bad for a Walmart dog!

Izzie LOVES people as is typical for her breed. They are very loyal and people-oriented. When we go to the dog park, she is so excited...not to see other dogs but to see other humans!  She basically ignores the other dogs and wants love and attention from all the owners.

Have I mentioned she is in love with my neighbor-kid Kyle?  The first time he met Izzie he had come to the door to see if we had seen his dog Elvis (very cute pug).  It was as if Izzie met Fabio because she instantly fell in love with him.  So much that she immediately shimmied her way under the fence and caught up with him before he could even make it home (he lives three houses down). Each time she escaped, she would run to him and he would drag her back.

Izzie is not atypical of the breed.  So why are cities, towns and even the military banning pit bull type breeds?  Recently I was watching an episode of Animal Channel's Pit Boss where a heartbroken couple who lived in military housing were told that their beloved mixed breed family pet was going to be seized and put down because the US Government has recently banned any pit bull "type" dogs.  They have no clue what breeds made up their girl but she didn't look like a pit bull...boxer maybe.

According to the American Temperament Testing Association which has been testing the temperament of dog breeds since 1977 ( ) the American Pit Bull Terrier scored very high - 772 dogs were tested and 86% passed as compared to American Icon, Lassie (the collie) that only had a passing score of 79.7% out of 846 dogs tested.

Izzie is no angel.  She can be a tad over zealous when she is playing with the other girls.  I can see the glint in her eye when she goes into the "red" stage and we break off any play that has been happening.  Izzie will always be crated if we leave the house -- things can get out of hand with no supervision.  APBTs were bred to have a high prey drive.  However so were English Bull Dogs, American Bull Dogs, and a whole slew of other breeds.  If you had a child with red hair, would you always blame him or her for all the mischief because of the red hair??

Just a thought...

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