Monday, September 13, 2010

Fabric Fun!!!!

On the second Sunday of every month, my group of fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrators get together under the leadership of Mandy Grant, my upline.  She is such an inspiration to us all.  Not only did she have to get 20 swaps together for our FALL THEMED/HALLOWEEN swap but also 127 for her trip to Founders Circle next week!  AND she's holding this meeting and a scrapbooking club before she leaves.

Hand model I'm not but These are some good looking rings!
Anyway, I got to teach the Make N Take project this month.  I really wanted to focus on our new Fabric that is in the Holiday Mini.  Fabric can be a little scary. I'm the worst kind of non-sewer...the kind that has a sewing machine and thinks she should be able to sew!  I've had this machine for 10 years and I still need to take out the manual to thread the darn thing!

This Fleurette is the best because there is absolutely no sewing and you can use it on so many projects.


2.25" x 7" strip of fabric (of course I love the SU!)
round ring fittings with blank base (I got mine through Etsy doing a search for ring supplies.  Around $0.89 each depending on bulk purchase).
Hot Glue or fabric glue
SU Antique Brads

Sarah and Lienne twist and roll!
You are basically going to fold the fabric in half and glue the corners of one side using hot glue.  I have not tried a cold fabric glue yet but the hot glue does great.  I think I've probably burned the fingerprints off of my pointer fingers though!  Once you have that corner glued together, just start twisting the fabric.  I like to twist on the tight side.  Every few twists, I add a bead of hot glue as I shape the fabric into a rosette.  As you get to the end of the fabric, put a larger bead of glue on the end tuck it on the underside.

Have I mentioned how much I love the antique brads?  Depending on the size and shape of the fleurette and the ring fixture I'm using, I pick the brad.  You could also you some of our other brads like the silvertone Flower Brads. 

I'd like to take credit for this but there was a demo from one of my fellow Stampin' Up! Demos however after I printed the picture sample, I realized that it did not have a watermark so I can;t give credit to the demo.  If you don't like the ring, think of using these Fleurettes on a barrette or a headband or a pin.  You can add them to cards or gift boxes.


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