Sunday, September 12, 2010

Organizing is good!

The image here has been blurred to protect the innocent!
Ok....I'm going to shock all of you.  Here is my studio space -- this is where I draw, paint, stamp, write, and generally hang out.  I'm in the midst of reorganizing, I guess, but can you really call it reorganizing when things weren't that organized to begin with?  This room ended up to be the wasteland...the room where everything that was thought to be needed but didn't have a space ended up.  See large boxes on futon (left from bedroom, right from various places).  The empty space to the right of the desk is for my drawing table which is still in the back of my car waiting for a strong hubby to bring up!

paper, tools, publications, etc
I have a vision of being able to find everything when I need it and for the space to be so interesting all my creative ideas will flow like a beautiful waterfall on the side of a lava tube in Hawaii...ok I was going to say tap water but that wasn't very creative!  I joked about a picture of another persons craft room where she had so many Stamp sets I said she should instate the Dewey Decimal system.  I'm feeling that way myself...I have my one catalog where I've marked up all that I want and checked all that I own BUT I forget to do that and then what if I checked something becaause I thought I had it but I can't find it?  Anywhoooo, I'm the one looking for a Stamp Dewey Decimal system.  I've already got them organized by the section of the catalog they are in but do I further organize alphabetically or catalog page #?  And before you say this to yourself, yes, I am a freak.  Between my husband and I we have close to 500 CDs that are alphabetized by genre.  This is all me.
forbidden corner - dressers need to leave and
boxes of stuff for garage sale.

It is a work in progress and although I feel like I'm showing my pile of dirty laundry, I will share with you my odyssey to organization.  Is it possible to be a horder in only part of your house?  Don't be surprised if Clean House shows up...or Discovery to film my dog hoarding and my creative stuff hoarding!

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  1. I admire an organized creative space!
    My "waterfall" is what happens when I open my crafty closet...


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