Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Girl Who Loves Tom Petty

A few weeks ago, my instructor for 2-D Design told us to bring in a black and white 8X10 photo (or copy of a photo) of someone we knew a lot about.  It needed to be a photo that was not too dark but had a nice arrangement of light and dark. We needed to come up with 20 things about the person in the photo and a symbol for each of those factoids.

I looked at pictures of Iggy Pop, Walter Matheau, Twiggy and came across this one of Tom Petty.  I love Tom.  He is one of the few musicians that I will go to a concert without begging and pleading from Andy.  Heck, I've even bought the tickets myself. is project for 2-D required us to take the photo and grid it into 1X1 squares.  Then, We would recreate the photo by drawing the positive and negative space and doubling the size to a 16X20.  Here's the kicker, instead of using gray scale values based on traditional shading techniques, our gray scale value is created by the volume of the symbols.  Kind of hard to describe so let me show  you.

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