Monday, September 6, 2010

Photo Snafu! I guess I really am an amatuer!

With the beautiful weather this weekend I went out wandering downtown Atlanta on Saturday.  I started out by Georgia Tech (had no clue it was Game Day!) and a visit to Ultrecht's which is an art supply store.  I saw online that they had a portfolio/backpack.  I'm having the hardest time finding something comfortable to carry my drawing pads and supplies back and forth from car to class.  I'm most comfortable with a backpack but I wasn't sure if this would be big enough for the drawing board and the pad so I wanted to see it in person before I shelled out $65.

There is another art supply store I wanted to check out, too, in Buckhead so I figured I would take a leisurely drive around...stop where I could and take pictures.  If you've seen my photography before you know there are a few things I'm obsessed with in architecture -- doors and rooflines.  With the sky being sooo blue and almost cloudless and the modern angles of many of our Atlanta skyline, I had a plethora of things to photograph.  And boy did I snap a lot of pictures!  oh and buy art supplies! 

Sunday morning, I took the girls out to our backyard which is filled with many trees and plants and I took a boatload of pictures of them running and playing.  We were outside a good 45 minutes and I was playing with my new telephoto lens (25mm-350mm). Because I wanted to capture the action of them running after the ball or wrestling, I was using the action mode on the camera which would take five pictures with less than a second between frames.  I probably shot about 100 more frames before we quit and went into the house.

All this time, I never checked the pictures until I had a few minutes to myself.  I turned the camera on and went into the photo view mode.  To my surprise and disappointment, there were no pictures!  I had neglected to put the memory card back in after I downloaded the last set of photos.  BOOO!

Sometimes in you zest to do something, you forget the fundamentals.  Always make sure you have a memory card in your camera!

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