Monday, August 29, 2011

I Don't Remember Drowning...

I don't remember feeling this over my head the first time I was a full-time college student!  I'm thankful that my ever watchful lifeguard, Andy was on duty yesterday as I was close to tears trying to keep my head above the water.
 I don't think I ever embraced studying then.  I was always working and trying to stay afloat financially.  Maybe I have just wiped it out of my memory but I don't actually remember doing homework.  By the time I was a junior, I adeptly managed for my assignments do double duty.  Either I tutored someone on the literature that we were reading or I wrote articles that I got paid for AND could turn in as writing assignments.  I don't remember studying for anything.  Either I got it or I didn't and more often than not, I got it.

I have five classes I am taking.  Yes, I realize that is a lot of classes!  Yesterday as I was making sure I had everything done for my classes today, I fully realized that five  classes -- 15 credit hours -- was a lot.  My almost-ready-for-AARP brain doesn't absorb so much.  I am more like oil cloth then I am cotton.

Time management is critical for me at this junction.  I can no longer meander through the days, especially when I start to work (which I expect to start something in September), and do the home work and reading and thinking when I feel the motivation.  Motivation will now have to live on a time table, most likely between 6pm and 11pm.

Maybe by week four, I'll have mastered the art of swimming, on a time-table, and someone will give me a cotton towel.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School or How to Gain the Fresman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior 15!

I have a three hour void in the middle of my day on Wednesdays from 11am - 2pm.  I think most days I will be able to utilize this time for a quick lunch and study time but today is the first day of class at KSU so we haven't even had a full class.  Lot's of review of syllabi and short classes so I've caught up on my pleasure reading and Facebook game playing and now I am in pursuit of my favorite hobby...people watching.

This semester, because I am a full-time student, I have had to purchase a meal plan.  This is a good thing for people watching because it is like feeding time at the zoo.  There aren't a lot of folks who look like me...mostly teens and early 20-somethings with a plethora of styles.  Lots of tanned bodies, short shorts and knee high boots.  Not sure what style that is! 

I love the girl in the A-line skirt and simple white t-shirt.  Her only accessory is her waste long, blonde dreadlocks and simple Mary Jane style practical shoes.  I wonder what her major is.

As I sit and observe in this mecca of food and fashion, I wonder how all these folks aren't pudged out.  I had a nice salad and some turkey breast for lunch but I am also sitting next to the dessert bar where I can see donuts and cream puffs and muffins.  And of course soft serve ice yogurt. 

A kid just walked by with a service dog.  I wonder how I can qualify for that program?

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