Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fish Eye Funnies

I love my camera!  And I just bought a cool zoom lens for it...I'm still playing with that lens so no pics worthy of publishing yet...but soon.

Sophie Bobblehead
I'm glad my don't get on the web and see the funny pictures I post of them.  I can imagine you moms of teenagers who are in the "don't take my picture" stage.  I guess what my girls don't know can't hurt them!
Phoebe Bobblehead

I have a fish eye filter feature on my camera.  It basically takes a portion of the picture and makes a bubble around it, distorting whatever is caught in the fish eye.  Have you ever seen those big headed dog pictures where the body is teeny tiny but the head is massive?  I was trying to see if the fish eye would give me that effect.

My favorite picture is Izzie.  I guess she naturally looks good as a bubble head!  Phoebe was just tired but Izzie is a natural poser!.

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