Thursday, August 26, 2010

Copic Marker Certification

On Monday, I attended a Copic Marker Certification class. I am in LOVE with Copic Markers! I have the 72A set of markers. There are three other sets of 72 that I really really want.

As we were learning about the product and how to use it and blending techniques, all I could think about was my project for 2-D design. We are doing a project that takes three or more things (objects, words, hobbies, life statements, etc.) that describe us and relate them into one conceptual art piece. I have chosen the words off the beaten path, rebel, dogs and travel. One one side of the piece I will have a very straight and narrow path in blacks and grays and then there will be another path that shoots off it that leads to lush greenery and flowers and then embedded into the plants will be pictures of my dogs and places I've been to. But the lushness that I'm seeing in my mind, I think I can achieve with the Copics.

Copics are great for coloring in stamped images. With 300+ colors to choose from, you can achieve the lightest skin tones to the bluest sky. The markers are easily blendable from one color into the next so you can really play with highlights and shadows or seamless slip from one color into the next.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Stampin' Up water-based markers. You can't really compare a water-based marker to alcohol-based markers. They are two different tools. You can't screw in a screw with a hammer. You need a screwdriver. They are different tools for different effects.

My water-based Stampin' Up markers are my go to for immediate coloring of stamps when I want to multi color the stamp on the stamp with no outlines. For instance, Upsy Daisy, is a stamp that I like to color the petals and the grass different colors. I use the Stampin' Up! markers to color right on the stamp before I even set it down onto paper.

Some highlights about Copic -
  • Copic has its own airbrushing system where you can use canned air or a compressor. The compressor needs to be 40-60 psi. Using the airbrush feature allows you to control the coverage of the ink and provides an even coating effects. The airbrush is great with stencils and because you are using it like the marker itself, it is easy to control. If this is something you are interested in, then tell your hubby that you need a compressor -- but don't let him try to rig you up using a compressor he has out in the garage. Anything higher than 60 psi will damage the markers and probably throw ink all over you!

  • What I love about Copic is that you can refill them when they run out. Yes, the are costly to buy but the savings really comes from being able to refill when needed instead of throwing away and buying a new set. The nibs on the markers (I have Copic Sketch) can be replaced easily and depending on the marker style, there are a number of different nibs you can get.

I will be putting together a copic marker class -- maybe at Kennesaw -- later in the fall. I will keep you posted!

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