Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art Ninja

So last night began my formal training as an art ninja.  It was like I was in a trance for three hours!  When Robert our instructor called for a 15 minute break in the middle of our class I was disappointed but knew my butt and back needed me to walk around.  You see, on the very first night, we were instructed that when we go to the classroom we are to get an art bench down from storage and face the big dry erase board.  Also part of our supply list was a drawing board and a giant 18" x 24" sketch pad.  The drawing bench is made so that there is a groove where you place your drawing board and then you straddle the end of the wooden, no padding anywhere, bench.  Of course, with my fibro,  it was just a matter of minutes that my butt felt like I was grinding my bones and my lower back was sore.

But I didn't care!!! I was in an art ninja trance trying to control my muscles in my arm so the perfect line I was thinking about in my head flowed out of my pencil.  I have a ways to go before everything is working with that art ninja efficiency. 

Now, those of you who know me know that I can hardly draw a straight line when I have a ruler!  Although, my lines were never perfect, I felt like with practice I could get it.  The class progressed into perfect circles.  Mine tended to look like rounded corner squarish things at first.  But again I felt like I could get this if I tuned my art ninja skills.

Then we got into our first homework assignment.  We need to draw a variation table with six rows each with eight swatches from darkest to lightest that are two inches by two inches.  The first row is a variation of shading.  The second row is crosshatching. The third row is overlapping circles...any way you get the point.  We have a week to get this accomplished.  I'll post a picture when I'm done...I'm intrigued and scared to death of this assignment.  Will the prof take one look at mine and know I'm not an art ninja?  Stay tuned...

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