Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How fun is Decorative Vinyl???

#120909 in the Stampin' Up! Holiday Mini
I like to be Martha Stewart - like.  I don't want to be Martha, nor do I want to be so uptight and "matchy matchy" in my decorating and tablescapes.  But I like my decor choices to have impact!  But most of all, it can't be hard - cuz then I'm out.

The other day I was in a craft store (I wonder if Joann and Michael ever got together???? and had little hobby lobbies...) and saw this fall-theme colored platters on sale for $4.00 so I bought two.  They had a little purple and orange border but nothing else going on.  Lucky for me, in our Stampin' Up Holiday Mini catalog, we have a set of vinyl decor elements for Halloween that can dress up a glass vase, a wall, or even a platter. 

For $14.95 I used the large Happy Halloween sign on one of the platters, the Raven and the Trick or Treat sentiment on the other platter, all the bats and the Oct. 31 piec on a glass vase and I have the three spiders leftover that I will put on my storm door.  And it is easy to apply!  Just peel off the backing, place where you want it and use a scraper (or a bone folder or I used the handle of my scissors) to rub and make sure it is down on the surface.  Then you peel of the other piece of backing and Poof!  Wallah you have great looking pieces like these:

With Decor Vinyl, you can hand wash no problem...I even have had some people dishwasher their pieces with no adverse affect to the vinyl however I can't guarantee that will work for everyone's dishwasher!

All the pieces are already cut so there's no "craft knife" work you have to do.  It really is just peel and stick.  When you get a collection of pieces like this, you have so many options available to you.  Imagine these pieces on a mirror or the smaller images on a coffee mug with some Halloween candy in it for a quick gift.  I can't wait to show you the cocoa gift set I'm making up with some vinyl decor elements for Christmas!

If you haven't had the chance to look at a Stampin' Up! Holiday Mini, send me an email or comment on this entry and I'll drop one in the mail to you (or by your house).  It's easy to get decked out for the holidays...and feel like you are a creative genius!

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