Thursday, October 21, 2010

Architectural Elements

Art Is Everywhere - Charleston 2010
Don't Feed the Lions -- Charleston 2010
I fancy myself an "art" photographer.  I go to places and I'm not clamoring to get the posed picture in front of the museum or even the picture of the interesting display in the museum.  I see the world in elements -- almost mosaic like.  A lot of my pictures people don't "get" -- "What's it supposed to be?" or "What do you do with that?" are common questions I hear. I use it as a screensaver on my computer or print and mat it in a frame.  One day, I will try to layer it into a painting.  I see the possibilities as endless.

Infinity -- Charleston 2010
Angles - Charleston 2010
Black on Blue -- Charleston 2010
Magic - Charleston 2010
Friend Good -- Charleston 2010
Texture of the South -- Charleston 2010
For me, I want to really see the city I'm visiting.  I take pictures of strangers and random things.  Sometimes unflattering pictures according to the subjects.  I'm obsessed with faces and not just faces as a whole but the parts that make them up.  I love my friend Cindy's profile but she feels that the pictures are unflattering (which is why they aren't here!) but I think they are beautiful -- well that she is beautiful!

I love nooks and crannies...and I'm not talking about an English muffin!  I seek out the textures.

Enjoy mini tour of Charleston through my lens!

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  1. aw, shucks, I'm blushing. And I would be okay with you posting the pix here (well, most of them ;-)). heck, once they are on FB, what's there to hide?!

    I love your photos. These are the best kind to evoke a memory of a trip for me. Of course, it's nice that we have some of the group, too. But these are the framing/painting kind. (I didn't get anything interesting--except for the goofy ones Tiff, Lisa and I tried to take of ourselves--they are what make me realize I have a ginormous head!).


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