Monday, April 11, 2011

Dive Bombed

I think I was being sent a message last night.  As I watched the dogs frolic in the moonlight before we went to bed last night, this exotic creature kept dive bombing me.  The two Labs thought it was a tiny bird and that they needed to capture it.  I was awed by its beauty and its size.

This creature only lives for seven days.  What is its purpose?  Does it live the best life it can for seven days?  It reminded me that everyone of us needs to find our purpose in life.  We aren't here to just exist.  What is my purpose? What is your purpose?


  1. Should I say I am still looking for my purpose, or that I have lots of purposes?
    So many things are fulfilling and valuable and lift my soul. Hopefully I can use those things to lift others' souls as well. Like your colorful friend did for you.

  2. Beautiful post and picture. As for my purpose, I still trying to figure that one out. Life has been changing so much lately and I am just going with it, knowing that there is a reason for everything.


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